The girl who married the doorman

The story of the next couple is an interesting one. Coming from the same school and the same course, Edison and Jia Hui's paths did not cross until their final year

Edison was the cool dude in class, usually plomping himself at the back of the classroom closer to the door. We think it might be because it would be easier to abscond once school ends.

Edison by Whitebear Wedding Singapore




Anyway, Jia Hui was (and still is) a chirpy and cheery girl who always found a way into Edison's classroom to meet with her friend, Nana.

Jia Hui by Whitebear Wedding Singapore




As Edison was usually, or rather almost always at the back of the classroom, it fell on him whenever Jia Hui popped her head in that he'd call for Nana for her. 

Perhaps due to this constant meeting at the backdoor of the classroom, sparks flew between Jia Hui and Edison. And we all know what happens when sparks become a bonfire.

People fall in love and get married. And we absolutely love that.

Edison weds Jia Hui by Whitebear Wedding Singapore

do you even lift?



Enjoy the video of their wedding ceremony shot and edited by us here at Whitebear Wedding. We daresay it's one of the most romantic weddings we've been to. 



Bernard + Joanne Express Highlights

Whenever we produce our wedding day films for our couples to be played during their wedding banquet, we ask ourselves a question - "What do we want their guests feel when they're watching it?" 

Will it be a mere procession of the day, or will it be a culmination of the story of two people who are deeply in love? It's our toughest challenge to figure that out and bring out that tenderness in a video that will move the audience when they watch it. 

With that said, this film shot and edited by our talented videographer Ian represents just that. A beautiful story that transcends just, well, a mere procession of the day.  Do enjoy the video and share this beautiful love story with your friends who will have their big day soon.

To love and meaningful stories,
Alexcheous Cheng
Chief Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Cinematography and post-production by Ian A.